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50F Maternity Bras and 50F Nursing Bras

My selection of 50F Maternity Bras and 50F Nursing Bras is presented below. This is a list of both maternity bras (for your pregnancy) and nursing bras (for breast feeding). To see a list of just one or the other please go to 'Choose Your Size' on the top of the left hand menu.

Please be careful when buying your Maternity and Nursing bras to ensure you get the correct size.

Many manufacturers do not use the "doubles" (such as DD, FF etc) in their sizing, and some (including Royce) use different size scales depending on what bra you are looking at.

On this website I have converted all sizes to the standard UK sizing system (which include the "doubles") where this is different from the manufacturer's official size I have shown both.

So for example an Anita "E" cup - will be shown as both an "E" cup AND a UK DD.